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I mentioned in my last post that we were doing a photo-shoot for a client in office; it went well! They are a health/fitness associated client. We rented all of the equipment, since it's difficult to have a permanent solution with the space that we have. I'm looking into getting a portable setup with a few umbrellas-- I have my eye on a few of these right now and I think I'll be investing in them very soon. I'll have to see if I can post any of the photos from the shoot later. Here's another poem I worked on recently-- word overlay is fun and minimalist for me.

I wanted the image to come across as warm & blurry & quiet, but with a little movement. Let me know what you think on my page, thanks for looking & I hope you're having a fulfilling weekend!



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I work mainly with graphic poetry; a way to articulate a medium with both images and text. I really enjoy digital photography, and poems that make you want to think, and feel. A lot of my poetic subtext will be associated with Indie Poetry and Ecopoetry as ways to focus on expanding Social and Ecological awareness through a creative medium. It's my focus to find a way for others to connect through this visual medium, to have a way to express thoughts in a unique form, but also, to express our concerns with the constantly changing environments around us.

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