Rain & A Little Mars




Today's been a radio-work day, trying to get the little things done that I didn't yet finish earlier. I woke up this morning and noticed it was 55 degrees, partially thanks the tech of my very old, but useful smartphone. That's definitely one thing that I have on my gadgets list for this Christmas ;)

I wrote these panels a couple of days ago while considering an amalgam of things, I'm sure you've noticed. Even if it's rainy, that doesn't always mean the mood needs to settle down at the bottom, so that's what I'm doing today. Moving past the tiny bit of gloom that's making the weather a little more interesting.

Let me tell you though, do you know how hilarious it is to try and write a blog-post (with any form of focus) while listening to Bruno Mars' Gorilla?

"'Cause you know how I like it, You's a dirty little lover."

Eheheh... Have a good day :)


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I work mainly with graphic poetry; a way to articulate a medium with both images and text. I really enjoy digital photography, and poems that make you want to think, and feel. A lot of my poetic subtext will be associated with Indie Poetry and Ecopoetry as ways to focus on expanding Social and Ecological awareness through a creative medium. It's my focus to find a way for others to connect through this visual medium, to have a way to express thoughts in a unique form, but also, to express our concerns with the constantly changing environments around us.

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