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In the Forest

Here are the fall images that I promised I'd post. They're so colorful-- the forest really did look this much like Fall, October even. I love this color-theme, and I sometimes I miss being in the middle of all this like I can be out of the desert.

It was also my Birthday-- I loved every minute of it, this weekend. I turned 25 and my hubby and friends threw an amazing little party for me in their backyard. The decorations were so sparkly, and the cupcakes home-made!

On a stinky note...

I also got heat sickness pretty bad, driving out past Tuscon. I recovered by the end of the day yesterday, but was in bed the moment I got home, until the minute I woke up for work this morning.

I appreciate the colder weather although it's obvious it's not all that much colder. The forest is still beautiful I imagine-- I might have to get out there again soon. We'll see :)


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