My Friend's Stuff - Part II

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The vintage typewriter and the survey instrument are both a part of the amalgam of interesting objects that are at my friend's house. I love how "left alone" these objects are, and the interplay between light and darkness. A lot of the light ended up framing my text in the second series with the survey instrument.

One of my friends was actually a surveyor-- typically, you need to be quick on your feet. Here's one of the older instruments that helps make those million dollars decisions. It may not say it all in the photograph, but the series both focus on the relationship between acknowledgement and dis-acknowledgment, and the tools we may use to gain differing perspectives. These relate to my hectic mornings as of late, but also, the small, relatively unnoticeable spaces in between that you could consider to be lightness, or darkness. 

I hope you enjoy seeing more of their cool stuff-- I'll be going back there tonight to gather some more interesting pixels.


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I work mainly with graphic poetry; a way to articulate a medium with both images and text. I really enjoy digital photography, and poems that make you want to think, and feel. A lot of my poetic subtext will be associated with Indie Poetry and Ecopoetry as ways to focus on expanding Social and Ecological awareness through a creative medium. It's my focus to find a way for others to connect through this visual medium, to have a way to express thoughts in a unique form, but also, to express our concerns with the constantly changing environments around us.

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