Camping Trip part I


It's been a week-- it definitely feels longer than that. We went camping out past Payson and it was definitely beautiful seeing how Fall hits the forest like this. I'll have to make another post so you can see all of the orange & red leaves on the ground and covering the trees. It was so peaceful. I could hear my own thoughts, despite the cold and the all of the issues we had with the campfire (smoke in your eyes is epic painful).

It was worth it though, seeing all of that. I got to wear my fuzzy boots and my huge parka which is unusual for me as of the past few years. I remember the one time it snowed in central California. I was a tot and although the coast is chilly in comparison to the desert on occasion, it usually doesn't snow.

I'm certain I'd like to go back, but maybe next time I'll spend a little more time hiking around to get more images like these.

My birthday happens in 3 days-- I'll have to make an excuse to photograph other interesting things. Hope you enjoy the post!


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