Glowy Night Photography

This time, I've been gallivanting around the world at night. It's always a fun excursion. This side of my work, I think, has been activated by the oncoming of fall. There's so much brightness involved for night photography, and diffused light is currently my best friend.

Night time presents challenging and interesting trials to photograph-- I'm of course drawn to the flowers. With brightness, the flowers almost appear Infrared, and they glow noticeably. I think I'll play with some black and white filters soon also-- maybe with some Infrared photographs. I remember hearing about Minor White while I was studying visual arts for my undergraduate degree. Each artist has their own touch to images, and black and white. Hope you enjoy!


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I work mainly with graphic poetry; a way to articulate a medium with both images and text. I really enjoy digital photography, and poems that make you want to think, and feel. A lot of my poetic subtext will be associated with Indie Poetry and Ecopoetry as ways to focus on expanding Social and Ecological awareness through a creative medium. It's my focus to find a way for others to connect through this visual medium, to have a way to express thoughts in a unique form, but also, to express our concerns with the constantly changing environments around us.

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